Emergency Travel – Bereavement Fares

Sorting out flight arrangements is often the least concern when a distant family member has recently died or is imminent. Search engines likes Travelocity and Expedia make it much easier to sort schedules and fares for most of the airlines allowing you to choose what makes the most sense. But, sometimes you need some flexibility.

One option is redeeming frequent flyer miles for an air ticket. They often have more flexibility than a standard purchased ticket, with many airlines allowing you to change dates/times of departure at no fee providing there are still available seats.

A more classic option, Bereavement fares, can also provide customers options such as open return dates – because who knows how long you may need to stay at the destination to work through family matters. This program is usually available to immediate family members including domestic partners. But, not all airlines offer Bereavement fares any longer, so you need to call the airlines directly to find out.

Prices range from 10-75% off the FULL FARE price of a ticket for the same routing. Therefore, Bereavement fares are not always the least expensive – but again, can offer a greater ability to make changes as needed during your travel.


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